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Samachem has its dedicated team of technical and marketing professionals for manufacturing, toll blending, repacking, and trading.
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While acknowledging the invaluable role that biological processes play in wastewater treatment, chemical treatment brings some significant, measurable benefits when ...
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Toll Blending, Contract blending, toll manufacturing all refer to essentially the same arrangement, IT’s a process in which customers provide ...
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Your exacting standards don’t end with the mixing, blending, or manufacturing of your product. We know that proper packaging is ...
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The chemicals market includes all companies that deal with the exchange of chemicals as an economic good. Chemicals are all ...
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Quality Management System

Quality Control

Samachem has a Quality management system. Our QMS professionals apply quality control and quality assurance to ensure Samachem quality policies. The company has a "Zero" tolerance for errors and every product is assiduously tested for quality from raw materials to finished goods.

Samachem provides quality products and services the meet customer's needs and expectations by complying with the requirement of specification and standards as contractually agreed as well as any relevant statutory and regulatory requirements as applicable. The quality units are equipped with the best technically furnished laboratory facilities that keep up Samachem pledge for quality

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Working Process

01 - Manufacturing
We deliver chemical products and maintain quality services in the manufacturing fields
02 - Product
The products are very safe and quality tested brands for the industries
03 - Quality
Quality control and testing is the very inevitable process in our company
04 - Trading
Bringing highly-anticipated programs to the marketplace

Working Industries

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Faquality Ask Question

Some FAQ’s

  • Do you sell products ?
    Samachem specializes in contract manufacture and in order to avoid any conflicts of interest with our clients, we have chosen to specialize only in contract processing and do not offer own products.
  • Are you able to process Animal Feeds?
    We have a proven track record in processing pre-mic animal feeds & have a FAMI-QS registration.
  • Can you carry out multi-stage processing?
    Yes, our expertise & flexible plants allow us to combine processing technologies - for example, we regularly combine blending with our granulation capabilities.
  • How much will you charge me?
    We look to offer competitive rates and as every processing job is bespoke we evaluate every opportunity on a case-by-case basis. We are able to provide indicative prices at the early stages of discussion to ensure project viability.
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Regional Head’s Message

The success of Any Organisation depend on ‘3M’s. Material(product); Market and Men( Team) Samachem has ...